Common Sense

In the article Common Sense, Kumashiro defines “common sense” as something that is never questioned. It is a way of living and how we, as teachers, should teach because “that is the way it has always been” and that is what schools are “supposed” to look like. He found during his journey in Nepal that people did things because those ways were drilled into their brains and it ended up being the only way that they knew how to do things. When Kumashiro first went to Nepal, he was very excited to start teaching strategies that he had learned during his educational experiences. However, he was caught off guard when the students found that his new ways of teaching were not going to allow them to learn the curriculum the way they always have; which allowed them to pass the standardized test at the end of the year and then allowed them to go into the next grade. No one had an open mind about how Kimashiro was teaching.. it wasn’t how it was “supposed” to be, it wasn’t “common sense”.
“Common sense does not tell us that this is what schools could be doing it tells us that this is what schools should be doing”. This quote stood out to me right away because it showed me how important it is to pay attention to common sense. As a future teacher, I have to do what is best for my students. Therefore, I have to believe in what I am teaching them. If I dont believe in what I am teaching, I can’t properly educate and positively impact my students. It is important to challenge what we view as “common sense,” so that we can identify when these values and perspectives are influencing our actions, so that we do not potentially distance someone, or miss out on an opportunity for growth and connection.

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