New to the blogging world!

Hey, everyone!

This is my first year every making blogs for a class, and I wasn’t able to start off slow. With two classes wanting blog posts, it makes it a little stressful when I have no idea whats going on!! I’m not sure how I feel about blogging right now, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually (fingers crossed).

But more about me – this is my 2nd year of French Education. You’re probably thinking “well why are you in an English class then?” or if you knew anything about the French program you would be wondering “aren’t you supposed to be in Quebec for your second year?”. Well, I studied in Quebec for only a semester instead of the full year, a year is a long time to be away from family and having no support makes living there really tough.

ANYWAYS… I love being home. Teaching is my passion so I didn’t want that little bump in the road to ever be something to hold me back. I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. When my friends were playing house or having imaginary friends, I had a pretend classroom that I taught every day. My mom was so supportive, she found desks and a chalkboard at a sale and didn’t think twice about bringing them home because she knew that it was what I was going to grow up to be… and she was so right! 🙂

I have some knowledge with technology, as that’s the generation that I am now living in. However, from a teaching perspective, I probably have a lot more to learn! Just by blogging and starting to use twitter, I have already started to expand my knowledge of technology!


This will be a bumpy ride in the blogging world, but buckle up because it’ll always be one heck of a time!


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