Thoughts on Twitter

I have had twitter for a while now, but I honestly never used it. I’m not sure why I have never been able to get into it like other apps (Snapchat, Instagram, facebook), it just wasn’t a priority to me. But ever since joining ECMP355, I have noticed that there are actually a lot of positive things that twitter brings and even though I’m having trouble remembering that I need to be going on it every day (I’m sure ill get better at it), I always seem to find interesting tweets.

The biggest problem was finding who to follow, there’s so many different accounts to choose from!! Thanks to my professor, Katia, I was able to find some good teaching accounts to follow from who she was following on twitter. And from there, I started following my classmates accounts to find even more educational twitter accounts to follow. With every new account that I was following, I was also getting followers which made me excited to start up my twitter account… have 0 followers isn’t much fun.


After some looking around at different teaching accounts (WeAreTeachers, #frimm, teachergoals), I realized that twitter has potential when in a classroom. Being a teacher and looking at these accounts can give a lot of inspiration for certain activities for the classroom or help with ideas of new teaching methods. Also, I realized that it is probably a good idea for a teacher to have a twitter account and to be active on it because it allows parents to see what their children are doing in the classroom. Some parents like to know what their kids are learning in the classroom and having a twitter account allows it to be easier for them to find out and they don’t need to contact the teacher with questions.



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