Starting from the beginning

When learning how to bake, it is important to know that it isn’t as easy as it looks (clearly i just found this out)..

To start, I decided to see which tips I had and try them out so I know exactly which one I want to use when I start actually decorating. After watching multiple youtube videos, I learned that there is a way to change different tips without completely emptying the bag and making a mess. The wilton “how to” video can be found here!

When following the video, make sure when you screw the tip to the bag that it is attached to the bag… I learned the hard way and my icing bag completely exploded 😦 it was probably funny unless it happened to you!

Originally when looking at the tips that I have, I thought that the smaller tip would be easy to write with… NOPE I GUESS NOT! The most important thing to know according to wilton is pressure control. You need to have the same pressure when squeezing the icing bag throughout the entire time icing. If you need a break, make sure it’s obviously at the edge of the cake so it doesn’t look obvious!

Here are the tips that I have at home and what they look like! (my mom had a little bit of an obsession at one point)



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