What is a “Good” Student

What does it mean to be a “good” student according to the commonsense? Which students are privileged by this definition of the good student? What is made impossible to see/understand/believe because of these commonsense ideas?

As teachers, we all have our own definition of what we think is a good student; some may be the same as others or can be completely different, which is how I feel about Kumashiro’s definition of a “good” student. According to Kumashiro, a “good” student is someone who does what he is told and does not ask questions that may be considered as a stupid question. The student sits on their desk and learns, which is how it should be (it is “commonsense”). When a teacher asks a question, students are required to answer by raising their hand and should only do so if they have the “correct” answer according to the teacher. Finally,  a good student should most definitely NOT disrupt the class or others.

A privileged student is someone who is able to work in a traditional classroom, as mentioned above. They would also usually be white and come from a middle or high-class home with attentive parents because they are most likely to have been taught the “proper” way. A student from a different nationality would not be considered privileged at all because they learned a different way from their parents, which would be the “improper” way.

Every student is different, not just the way they look (ex; race). Students also learn in so many different ways, therefore to have only one definition for a “good” student, it isn’t overly fair. Also, a student of a different race/nationality could be just as smart or even smarter than a white student who has been taught the “proper” way. We, as teachers, need to throw away the stereotypes that only white students are smart/are the “good” students!!


One thought on “What is a “Good” Student

  1. Hey Keanna! I really loved your post! I enjoyed your insights into how every student is different and that they learn in different way so the “good student” stigma isn’t fair. I agree with you that it it isn’t fair and that there are multiple different kinds of good students and that we need to put away stereotypes.


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