Chocolate Lovin’

This week, I decided to make a chocolate cake… Because who doesn’t love chocolate! When making a chocolate cake, it is important to make sure that it doesn’t try out and that the icing doesn’t overpower the cake (make sure it’s not too sweet). For this cake, I used a Better Croker cake mix (I know… but it’s way easier when I only have to add water, oil, and eggs). This week I wanted to start actually icing a cake, that’s why I decided not to make the cake from scratch.

The first step… MAKE SURE YOU GREASE YOUR PANS!! (sorry my pans are so old). If you don’t remember to grease them, it will be a complete disaster! Once the oven is preheated and you have greased your pans, pop it into the oven for about 30 minutes at first and then add more time if needed. It is better to continue to check your cakes if they are under-baked rather than having it over baked!

img_5901              img_5902

Once your cakes are done, let them cool down in the pans for a little bit. However, take them out of the pans when they have cooled down a bit (but not cooled down compeltely) and set them on a cooling rack. You are supposed to be able to flip them upside down on the tray….


I DONT KNOW WHY MINE BROKE. This has honestly never happened to me…. (so before the cake on the right did the same thing, I flipped it right side up). But when an obstacle comes, Dory always told me to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.

Once cooled, cut the tops of the cake so that there is a flat surface. My cakes all formed a crusty layer around the sides, so I cut that as well. The purpose of this is to make it easy for the cake to sit on top of the other and to make it easier to ice the cake! For my sad broken cake, I had to be extra careful when cutting it so that it didn’t fall apart even more.

img_5905          IMG_5906.JPG

I chose to use the broken cake as the bottom because I figured that it would be easier if the smoother cake was the one on top when it was time to decorate the whole cake. Because of the broken one, I also decided to transfer the cake to my final surface (which was a cake holder) before starting to ice because if you be easier… and honestly, iI was scared that it was going to fall apart right in front of me.

For the icing, I used the same buttercream recipe as my last post but added cocoa for the chocolate flavour.. which was taken from Wilton.

Important:  Make sure there is a lot of icing on the first half of the cake so that the cake that will be placed on top is stuck good. Also, if the cake wasn’t cut properly and you only noticed when you were icing the bottom cake, just add a little bit more icing so that you can’t see any holes 🙂 – super easy fix!! When in doubt, add more icing.

Place the second cake on top of the first and then start loading the cake with icing! This is the best part because if you make a mistake, you just need more icing to fix it! I used a tip 1M for the bottom of my cake, it’s nothing fancy… but the cake just needed a little something so it wasn’t so boring.


With some leftover icing from last time, I mixed a bit of teal icing color to make my flowers. I started trying to do a rose… but I’ll need to keep practicing because they didn’t even look like a rose… SO, I chose to start off with an easier rose. I followed the video from the Wilton youtube page of how to make a wild rose. It was A LOT easier than the typical rose, thankfully.

IMG_5916.JPG          IMG_5917-1.JPG

This cake took a lot of time, mostly trying to figure out how to make flowers.. but I found out that I really like making flowers so I plan on trying out some more!

Until next time – Happy Baking 🙂


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