Be my {cake-loving} Valentine

In spite of Valentine’s Day, I thought it was only fitting to make a pink-lovey- themed cupcake. Not only was it the perfect time for a pink cupcake, but there’s nothing prettier than a cupcake with bright pink icing.

Once again, the classic Betty Croker cake mix is perfect for making cupcakes (doesn’t take too long to make, but also tastes so so good). Follow instructions perfectly on the box, which really aren’t hard at all, to make a perfect batter. When making the batter… why not start some multi-tasking! No need to spray the pans, just go ahead and simply insert the baking cups (also known as cupcake liners). You can find baking cups pretty much anywhere; I bought mine at party city but they can also be found at bulk barn, dollarama, or any grocery store in the baking section.

Instead of making a complete mess in the kitchen, I used a scoop bought from Pampered Chef that is a perfect sized scoop for cupcakes! One scoop of batter = the perfect cupcake (quote from momma). However, it of course didn’t look like enough batter to me… so I added some extra here and there…. so now some of my cupcakes are bigger than others (typical me). When the cupcakes are done, let them cool a little bit in the pans. Then, when cool enough, place them on the cooling tray. When cool enough, start the icing process.

To ice the cupcake, I used a Wilton tip 1M which gives the icing a nice swirl look. I watched multiple videos, starting off with the Wilton youtube video:

Wilton videos are usually helpful but this one wasn’t much help. It gave a starting point, but without it actually explaining anything; you pretty much had to figure it out for yourself.

This video ended up being much more help since she explains what she’s doing. Learning online is a bit tricky in general, so having that extra guidance of the explaining what they’re doing really helps!

I was a little confused why some videos that I saw (like the second one I posted) puts a dot in the middle first and then starts from the outside. I just can’t figure out why that’s necessary when it is being covered anyways. SO, I chose not to put the dot in the center just to see the difference! And guess what… it looks the same 🙂

After icing the cupcakes, the cupcake looked a little empty… so sprinkles it is!

img_5920      img_5921

But I still thought it needed something more…

So I decided to melt some dark chocolate, place it into a piping back, and pipe out some hearts. The idea came from Pinterest (one of my favourite places for ideas). Since its chocolate, it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t freeze easily but it will melt easily. Which is why candy melts are a lot easier to use for this reason… but sadly this was kind of a last minute decision so there were none available in our house full of baking stuff! So I piped everything I needed onto parchement paper that I tapped onto a cutting board for better support and let it sit outside on our deck to freeze (my freezer would’ve worked perfectly if there was enough room).

img_5922         img_5924

In the end, I think it turned out pretty good!

Until next time – Happy Baking 🙂