Making a difference with Carol Todd

This week we had the incredible honor of having Amanda Todd’s mom, Carol Todd, speak to our class about not only Amanda Todd’s case but also cyber bullying in general.

Amanda Todd was a smart, young girl who just happened to be talking to the wrong person at the wrong time. The mistake she made, led to her being cyberbullied by an older man pretending to be younger and then proceeded to blackmail her. He was threatening to share inappropriate pictures he had taken of her if she stopped what she was doing and told people.

In case you have never seen Amanda Todd’s video, take a quick look:


She was just a girl trying to have a normal life…


It is not just Amanda Todd. There are so many people who have been cyberbullied, myself included. Sadly, it took Amanda Todd’s story to finally open people’s eyes about cyber bullying. Even with her story going worldwide, cyber bullying has not come to an end like it should have. There are people who are still pretending to be a younger person on the web so that they can talk to younger girls/boys.

All in all, it is obvious that there is a problem with our world. Therefore, as teachers and parents, we need to educate our students and children to be more aware of the risks of the internet and they can be safe while still being on social media.


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