Thinking about digital citizenship

I didn’t really think about digital citizenship until my class had the chance to really talk about it, and oh boy did it ever open my eyes! Our teacher explained that “back in the day” things were a lot different, all of the technology we have today never existed back then.Take a look…


If someone wanted to show someone a picture or even give someone a picture, they would need to go to Walmart, develop the picture, wait for it to be done, AND THEN show the person.

Now how about the cameras we’re using now…

It is a lot easier to show someone a picture using a phone and people now days always have their phone, so they always have opportunities to take a picture. With snapchat, it saves time by not needed to go to the store to simply show someone a picture.
While it may seem like it makes life easier, there are always
some down sides…


Happy boy playing with touchpad in the carFor example; kids who were born in the generation, don’t know how to live without technology. A student in ECMP355 made a great point that her brother can’t go a simple car ride without wanting to use technology to pass time in the car. I remember going on road trips with my mom, when technology wasn’t really a thing yet, and we had to play games for road trips or play uno.

When looking in todays classrooms, students are always using ipads to do their work. My cousin was even told not to buy any notebooks or paper because everything would be done on a tablet, even math class… I believe that teachers now days need to continue using paper in their classrooms otherwise young students will never practice their writing skills. But tablets aren’t bad either especially when students are done their work, they can play learning games while they wait for everyone else to be done.

Everyone needs writing skills and by only using tablets, teachers are taking that learning ability away from students.




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