Curriculum as Citizenship

What examples of citizenship education do you remember from your K-12 schooling? Explore what this curriculum made (im)possible in regards to citizenship.

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of examples of citizenship is the SRC program in high school. The SRC program continuously raised money for different organizations such as the food bank and salvation army. However with all of the fundraising we did, we never really questioned why we were doing it, we just knew that money would help. If you knew the organizations already then you would have a good idea of why money would help, but other than that students didn’t really have the opportunity to learn about the organizations. We never took the step further, we never questioned why people were in these situations. Therefore, this program didn’t develop us to be justice-oriented citizens.

To become president of the SRC committee, the school voted for a president which was always the “good student”. However, there always seemed to be students who didn’t vote or who made up a person to vote for because “it was just high school” and “it wasn’t serious”. The curriculum needs to teach students more about citizenship so they know that something like voting is actually important!


One thought on “Curriculum as Citizenship

  1. Great post Keanna! I had a similar experience with my high schools SRC. While being on student council is a good thing and you learn so much from all you do in the school often the message gets forgotten. You are on spot with this. I think it is important that we as educators (maybe even as possible advisors) think about the message we want all students to get “What is the value in what we do? Why are we doing it? Why is this important?”:. It is these questions we must continually ask ourselves and our students. Good job Keanna!


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