A different look at Coding

This week in ECMP355, we explored coding. My boyfriend is an IT guy, so I was kind of freaking out when I heard we were going to code… cause I knew that I didn’t understand AT ALL. Bu thankfully, coding ended up being fun and wasn’t what the experts do.

We looked at a few websites, but I decided to play around with “one hour of code” a little bit more. In class when we exlored it a bit, I worked on some easy ones and wasn’t able to go very far with the little time we had. So this time, I decided to pick the option of “9-18 years old” to see if maybe it would be more challenging. The answer? YES, I STRUGGLED.

Here’s how it went….


So the first round was pretty basic, it went really smoothly! So I was feeling pretty good, but had to remember that it was only the first round.

The third round was also pretty easy and introduced the “repeat” section. This is great because it makes you think about the easiest way to get the little guy to the other side! And honestly, it went downhill after round 3…. I surived rounds 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 but rage quit on round 9 because i just couldn’t figure it out HAHAHAH (I suck).

What did I learn? Well I learned that I dont have the patience to figure it out with the “repeat section”. Yes it’s heplful sometimes, but maybe just putting in everything individually makes it a little bit easier.

When we first talked about coding, I really didn’t understand why we would use it in a classroom… But now I realize that it’s a fun way to teach your students how to think ciritically and to find the best option. This is such a good tool to use in a math class! It teaches students that there is always more than one way to do things!

In a class, it would also allow students to go at their own pace. Sometimes when working in groups or on the same assignement as others, students tend to either copy from each other or let the other one do the other work… which doesn’t really teach the students anything besides that they can just get someone else to do their work. This website lets them decide which activity they would like to work on and get them to figure out the problems themselves!! I’m so excited to try this website with my future students.


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