Cookie Monster

This week was a really fun time baking! I always see fun cupcake designs on Pinterest (follow me for great pins) and I have always wanted to try them! Here are some of my favorites:

So since it’s my best friends daughters birthday soon, I thought I should probably start practicing on these little characters! It’s also a good skill to practice when becoming an elementary school teacher 🙂 After looking and pinning so many cute ideas, I decided one of my favorites… cookie monster!!

Well, I didn’t realize there were so many different ways to re-create our childhood character. But thanks to good ol’ youtube, I was able to find a video that would be able to help me the best! And personally, I liked the cookie monster in the right picture better… it looks more realistic. So that’s what I was going for!

Sometimes I find some youtube videos a little hard to listen to (like this one), but it was good to see how to make cookie monsters “skin”… fur??

Besides that, I ended up kind of doing the rest on my own… figuring out what I needed to do along the way! Here’s what the finished product looked like:

In the end…. I probably should’ve made my own eyes because HAHAHAH they look so creepy with tiny eyes. Honestly, wouldn’t give these to a child, I’d be worried that they would scare the kids *laughing crying face*. But besides the eyes, I think they’re super cute for my first try!! They were actually super easy to make and it didn’t matter if you screwed up a bit because his fur is supposed to be messy 🙂

So I learned that I don’t need to depend 100% on the videos, sometimes it’s nice to figure it out along the way for yourself! … but yes, definitely different eyes ASAP

Until next time – Happy Baking 🙂


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