It’s sad to say goodbye

Well guys, I just posted my final cake and it’s time to officially close off my learning project. It all started off when I was probably the most indecisive person when it came to picking a topic… I was scared that I wasn’t going to end up being able to stick to my project; there was tons frustration, some confusion, and even more laughter… BUT I PULLED THROUGH.

Throughout my journey, I’ve decided that I’m more of a cupcake person. I just find them way cuter and they’re honestly a lot more fun to decorate! It was good that I did some cakes so that I could make that decision, but at the same time, I wish that I focused on cupcakes more…. especially the cute character ones. I could’ve worked on different characters throughout the entire semester and be 100% okay with that.

Here’s how to journey went…

  1. Hmm… CAKES!: I focused more on the icing and how to perfect it.. mostly because I just really needed to convince myself that I would be able to stick with cakes!
  2. Starting from the beginning: This is where I was able to look at all of the different tips that I had – which ones I liked the most, which ones I wanted to explore more, etc.
  3. Chocolate Lovin’: This cake was so much fun! I started off with a big project – a layered cake, worked on my icing skills, and even made some flowers! Even with the mess that I experienced, it still turned out pretty good.
  4. Be my {cake-loving} Valentine: This is where the games changed for me, I was able to make a classic cupcake with a twist… This is where I completely fell in love with cupcakes!
  5. New York Style: I was able to make one of my favorite cakes, and it turned out great!! I realized that there was still some excitement in cakes that weren’t the “typical” cakes.
  6. Cookie Monster: This is by far my favorite project! I was able to do the cute Pinterest ideas that everyone sees and it’s even more fun than it looks!
  7. From a different perspective: This cake was really fun because I was able to test the different between learning from an online source and from learning from someone in the same room as you.


This has been such a great journey, I’m sure there will be more cupcake characters in my future! It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later!


Until next time friends – Happy baking! 🙂


3 thoughts on “It’s sad to say goodbye

  1. I love the cookie monsters ahhh!!! I wish I could sample these online! Keanna have you finished your final summary of learning yet for the overall class? I would love to see it!

    – Taylor


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