Contributing to the learning of others

Well this semester completely flew by and now it’s time to wrap everything up… but do I really want to???? NOPE, I loved this class!! But sadly, it’s time to think back on everything I’ve done this semester… just thinking about it makes me realize how many things I had to do for the class (WordPress, twitter, learning project, blog posts, google plus)… ahhhh.


I struggling getting into the twitter life… for the longest time I felt like I wasnt following enough people but I eventually got my life together. I ended up really enjoying twitter; I found so many different artices about teaching and what’s happening in the world. Which I feel like that’s how I contributed to the learning of others; I feel its not always about replying to tweets or retweeting, but also tweeting valuabe articles for others to read.



tweet 4

5 retweets and 11 likes??? I was pumped


But I still replied and retweeted (dont’t worry)!



Sadly, our class website nevere seemed to work for me *angry face*… some days it would work and other days I wouldn’t be able to get onto the website or be able to see older posts. It was quite frustrating, so I don’t have as many comments as I would like throughout the semster… but I tried to make sure to comment on peoples final learning project post – it’s so cool to see what their progress throughout the semester! Sometimes a word of encouragement or a “wow this is awesome” is all someone needs. I don’t have very many comments on my blogs, so it’s nice to comment on the ones that never seem to get comments 🙂

wordpress 2wordpress 3wordpressScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.26.22 PM

Google plus:

This was my very first time using google plus, and I loved it! It was so easy to use and easy to help my classsmates out! I’m so used to using URcourses, but google plus puts it to shame! I never wants to use URCourses again… espeically for the forums – this would just be much easier 🙂 anyways, I had trouble answering some peoples questions because I just simply didn’t know the answer (or even had the same question). I commented lots of “hey I have the same question too, thanks for asking”. But in the end, I realized that I actually answered more questions throughout the semster than I thought I did.


I’ve learned that asking questions really helps other students because they usually have the same problems (or at least that was the case for me).


All in all, I hope I helped my fellow classmates… I know you helped me out a ton 🙂


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