Summary of Learning

Thanks for such a great semester filled with knowledge that I will take with me throughout my teaching career! Here’s my summary:


Incorporating Treaty Eduation

It’s so easy to incorporate Treaty Education into the subjects that you teach every day. Here’s an easy storytelling lesson that your students will love; ELA

Summary of Learning

It’s so sad to officially say goodbye… but I have learned so much from this class that I will take with me into my future classroom! Thank you Katia for an amazing semester & thank you everyone else for a great experience 🙂


Until next time,


Contributing to the learning of others

Well this semester completely flew by and now it’s time to wrap everything up… but do I really want to???? NOPE, I loved this class!! But sadly, it’s time to think back on everything I’ve done this semester… just thinking about it makes me realize how many things I had to do for the class (WordPress, twitter, learning project, blog posts, google plus)… ahhhh.


I struggling getting into the twitter life… for the longest time I felt like I wasnt following enough people but I eventually got my life together. I ended up really enjoying twitter; I found so many different artices about teaching and what’s happening in the world. Which I feel like that’s how I contributed to the learning of others; I feel its not always about replying to tweets or retweeting, but also tweeting valuabe articles for others to read.



tweet 4

5 retweets and 11 likes??? I was pumped


But I still replied and retweeted (dont’t worry)!



Sadly, our class website nevere seemed to work for me *angry face*… some days it would work and other days I wouldn’t be able to get onto the website or be able to see older posts. It was quite frustrating, so I don’t have as many comments as I would like throughout the semster… but I tried to make sure to comment on peoples final learning project post – it’s so cool to see what their progress throughout the semester! Sometimes a word of encouragement or a “wow this is awesome” is all someone needs. I don’t have very many comments on my blogs, so it’s nice to comment on the ones that never seem to get comments 🙂

wordpress 2wordpress 3wordpressScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.26.22 PM

Google plus:

This was my very first time using google plus, and I loved it! It was so easy to use and easy to help my classsmates out! I’m so used to using URcourses, but google plus puts it to shame! I never wants to use URCourses again… espeically for the forums – this would just be much easier 🙂 anyways, I had trouble answering some peoples questions because I just simply didn’t know the answer (or even had the same question). I commented lots of “hey I have the same question too, thanks for asking”. But in the end, I realized that I actually answered more questions throughout the semster than I thought I did.


I’ve learned that asking questions really helps other students because they usually have the same problems (or at least that was the case for me).


All in all, I hope I helped my fellow classmates… I know you helped me out a ton 🙂

Social activism

“Social activism is an intentional action with the goal of bringing about social change”… It can be a good thing, but can also cause some problems. I always see people on social media arguing about different topics, mostly political topics. They’re trying to get the message across, but it can always turn around and make you seem like the bad guy. It can be meaningful and worthwhile though, sometimes it allows others to really think about the topic. If you have never heard that point of view before, it allows you to really think about what the truth is.

However, you can also be a slactivist, which is someone who thinks they’re making a difference by “following a trend” but in reality, they aren’t making a change at all. For example; people across the world were participating in the ice bucket challenge – pouring cold water on themselves and passing it along by nominating their friends. Seems like a great cause right? … Well, it doesn’t much matter if you don’t donate in the end!! The ice bucket challenge was meant to raise money but people ignored that part, which resulted in becoming a slactivist.

I’m sure it’s possible to have productive conversations about social justice… eventually. But for right now, no one has an open mind. People believe in one thing and they don’t let other people change their mind… which causes arguments on social media if they read something that they don’t agree with. But eventually, I’m hoping that we’ll be more open minded about everything and gather all of the information needed to make a clear judgment!

Need a little bit more help understanding? Here’s a great video I found!